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V1.0 15 July 2022

4.3 Being Top Commenter

When a content reader truly appreciates a post / a particular content creator, he can use Novas token to become the top commenter of the post and have his comment pinned top.

4.2 Voting Upward and Downward

Content readers can vote a content upward or downward freely and users who have passed KYC verification will be rewarded 0.002 Novas Plus token x user’s country advertising value for every vote but capped at 10 earnings per day. The voting base rate will be adjusted to 0.001 when Nova Network has recorded 10 million registered users worldwide. 


Content creators who have passed KYC verification ‘s first 5 posts published every day will be entitled to a Novas Plus token reward and penalty system for 7 days. As your posts will be upvoted or downvoted by other content readers, your will earn / lose Novas Plus token balance as follows, 


Each upvote = 0.002 x your country ‘s multiplier value from 1 - 10

Each downvote = -0.002 x your country’s multiplier value from 1 - 10 (for detailed explanation of country’s multiplier value please refer to section 2.2) token by active users who voted. 


This reward does not apply to readers who voted to repost or share comments posts.


The net upvote / downvote result will directly affect the post’s publication sequence in the discovery page and determine the content value and content rewards for content creators . Posts with more upvotes are a symbol of popularity among the community and are worth sharing, hence it will boost its ranking and be displayed in top priority in user’s discovery page and vice versa.

4.1 Content Browsing & Uploading

In addition to the token economy feature, the Nova Network app is a social media app where you can publish content and share with your social media followers in 3 formats,


  • Text only - max 200 characters

  • Article - where you can upload a photo, a text title of 50 character and text content of maximum 60,000 characters

  • Video - which the maximum duration is 5 minutes

You can also browse content on your wall and discovery page. Wall shows content published by content creators that you have followed. Discovery page shows trending contents liked by the community. The sequence of content displayed in the discovery page is determined by publication timeline and the upward & downward voting mechanism (please refer to section 4.2 below) so that content liked by the majority of the global community will be shown first. 

4. Nova Network App

White Paper

V0.6 May 2023

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