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Welcome to Nova Network - where we have disrupted the economic benefit distribution of the multi-billion dollar social media market and created the greatest Airdrop in social media Web3 project history. 

Why would users switch from mainstream social media platforms to Nova Network?

By applying our token economy to our social media app ecosystem, advertiser in Nova Network must purchase the utility token to display ads on the Nova Network social media platform, and we redistribute platform ad revenue from centralized power to all token holders. We have created a revolutionary social media ecosystem in which users (both content readers and content generators) share a major portion of the commercial benefits created by their contribution, as opposed to current mainstream platforms’ practicing in monopolizing the social media economy while their users earn nothing while users’ date are always being exploited. 


Nova Network also liberates the power of deciding which content should be displayed with higher priority to users. We firstly abolish the current practice adopted by mainstream companies in which the content display sequence is determined by blackbox algorithms. Instead we display wall posts of your connections according to the timeline. We also enable users to vote contents upwards or downwards and the voting result directly influences the content display order shown in the discovery wall. By doing so we are showing content liked by most users, instead of showing content that we would want to show you.

Earn tokens easily by your usual interaction with the social media platform

Click to Earn

You start earning tokens simply by one click daily.

Refer to Earn

Refer new users to join our community and earn bonus tokens.


Create to Earn

Create quality content and receive bonus tokens when your connections have voted your content upwards. 


Vote to Earn

You help the community decide which contents are of good quality by voting content upwards and downwards. No matter what you vote you will earn bonus tokens by voting.

KYC - How and why

No more waiting for KYC - everyone can do!


Users are entitled to KYC after logging in to Nova Network for a consecutive number of days. Once you have passed KYC, you can start earning both Novas Plus tokens in addition to Novas tokens.

Nova Network Tokenomics - No More Robots

Nova Network has introduced a unique measure of offering 2 types of tokens for users to mint, namely Novas and Novas Plus tokens. Other than the utility difference, the major difference of the 2 tokens is that Novas is open to everyone to mint, while Novas Plus tokens are only available for users who have passed KYC to mint.

This is one of the most important measures for us ensuring tokens are distributed to real people instead of robots.

Nova Network Tokenomics - Earning Multipliers by Country’s Advertising Value

Since the possession of Novas Plus tokens means the opportunity of sharing Nova Network’s advertising revenue from the project team, we will have to take a country’s advertising value into account. In other words, it would not be fair for a user in developing countries to earn Novas Plus tokens at the same rate as a user in the United States, whose average advertising CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ranks one of the highest in the world. All countries are categorized into 10 tiers. Your earning formula of Novas Plus token follows Base Rate x Country Multipliers (from 1x to 10x).

Utility of Novas Token

Novas token is the basic unit of Nova Network token economy with the following utilities,

  1. P2P Transfer
    You may initiate P2P transfer to tips / contribute to other users as a goodwill gift.


  2. Subscribe content or Paywall
    once you have subscribed a piece of content / paywall within Nova Network social media app, you will pay a certain Novas token as transaction fee and 2% of your paid token will be burnt.


  3. Pay for “pole position” on comments to a post
    Users can buy and pin their comments to the top of a post. When another user purchases the top comment slot, the original user receives Novas tokens equivalent to the payment amount minus the transaction fee. This allows users to earn Novas tokens by being the top commenter.  

Novas Token Maximum Supply & Token Distribution

The supply of Novas token is unlimited. When there is 1 Novas token being minted by a Nova Network user, another 0.25 Novas token will be allocated to the Nova Network treasury. Hence, Novas token’s total distribution follows 80% community, 20% treasury.

Utility of Novas Plus Token

Novas Plus token is the most important token in Nova Network’s token economy. The majority utilities of Novas Plus token are​

  • Nova Plus tokens serve as utility tokens within the Nova Network Ecosystem. Advertisers must purchase Nova Plus tokens to display ads on the Nova Network social media platform. This mechanism aligns with Nova Network's mission to redistribute platform ad revenue from centralized power to all token holders, ensuring that users benefit from the commercial advantages of the ecosystem.

  • Content creators & Advertisers can use Novas Plus tokens to pay for advertising fees for promoting their content / doing advertisements and enjoy a 25% discounted fee rate when compared with paying with fiat currencies.

  • Novas Plus tokens are entitled for staking so users can further grow their Novas Plus token balance.

  • Nova Network project governance. In the future the core team will make major decisions regarding project development open to voting by users. User’s voting weight will be counted by their Nova Plus token balance.

Novas Plus Token Maximum Supply & Token Distribution

The maximum supply of Novas Plus tokens is 50 billion.

The total allocation of the 50 billion Nova Plus tokens will be as follows, 


  • Launching Incentives/ Staking / Airdrops / Ecosystem Grants (rewarding content creators and voters): 30.00%

  • Public & Private Sales: 25.00% 

  • Treasury & Ecosystem: 30.00%

  • Founders, Advisors, Team: 15.00% (unlocking linear in 48 months)

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