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NBT Price Hits All-Time High at 0.092 USDT!

Nova Fam, exciting news! The NBT price has once again surged, reaching an impressive 0.092 USDT! 🎉 Keep a close eye on our latest price updates and seize this opportunity to invite more friends to join Nova. For each new user, your mining rate will receive an 25% boost! 🚀

And here's a friendly reminder: Upgrade to our exclusive VIP subscription and unlock a world of benefits! During the subscription period, the token lock-up is reduced to just 6 months (previously 1 year). Plus, you can instantly unlock a KYC slot! 💎

✅ Stay updated with the latest NBT price: ✅ Contract Address: 0x627A378246354b50612e272A7Cff9bCf93f1852d


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