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Mining Guide to Resolve Your Mining Issues!

Dear Nova Fam, we've heard your concerns, so let's dive into some knowledge to clear up any questions you may have about mining tokens. 💬 What tokens have I already mined? ✅ Please go to the mining page in the app, and on the right side of the small token icon in the top right corner, the number represents the tokens already deposited into your Nova account, but it doesn't include tokens from the current mining session. 💬 What does the token displayed in the mining page's dynamic mining chart mean? ✅ If it's in progress, it represents the estimated tokens for that mining session. ✅ If it hasn't started yet, it shows the tokens you've already earned (deposited into your account). 💬 When will the tokens from the mining dynamic chart be deposited into my Nova account? ✅ After the 24-hour mining session, your tokens will be automatically deposited into your Nova account. This may take about 5 to 10 minutes. a. For KYCed users, they will go into the Locked Account. b. For non-KYCed users, they will go into the Unverified Account. 💬 Why don't the estimated tokens on the dynamic mining chart match the final tokens in my account, or even be less? ✅ Two factors can influence the final token count: a. During your mining session, if boosters (earning team members) interrupt their mining session, such as logging out of the app, their boost tokens won't be included in the final calculation. b. During your mining session, if boosters complete their mining session but don't start a new one immediately, the estimated earnings for the gap in between will be deducted when calculating the final mining rewards. Due to users' network conditions, these factors might not appear immediately in the mining dynamic chart, causing slight differences in the final settlement. 💬 How are the earnings from boosters calculated? ✅ Earnings from your boosters are calculated based on the overlapping time between your boosters' mining session and yours. For example, if there is a 10-hour overlap: a. Novas contribution calculation formula: 0.12 * 25% * 10 hrs b. Novas Plus contribution calculation formula: 0.012 * 25% * countries ad value* 10 hrs The tokens contributed by boosters will be settled and deposited into your Nova account when your current mining session ends. Even if your boosters log out after the settlement, it won't affect the tokens that have already been deposited into your Nova account. For details, please see the white paper: One last friendly reminder: If you interrupt your mining or log out of the app, your mining earnings for that session will be entirely lost. So, please make sure to stay online to ensure your final earnings are credited. We hope this mining guide helps clear things up. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us via email at


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