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How to Pass KYC Quickly

Exciting news! More than 80,000 users have initiated the KYC process. Welcome to Nova!

Want to speed up your verification, follow these steps:

Phase 1: Submit Identity Document

  • Use only ID card, Passport, or Driving License.

  • Check document expiration.

  • Submit front and back sides. ( ID / Driving License)

  • Clear, unaltered photos without reflections or blur.

  • Do not crop the photos.

Phase 2: Record a Selfie Video

  • Face forward with visible eyes.

  • Remove glasses.

  • Avoid forced verification actions. (e.g., pulling or tapping the shoulder)

Phase 3: Fill in Personal Details

  • Provide accurate name details matching the document.

  • Enter personal details in the same language as the document. If your document is provided in English, please enter your name and information in English.

  • Issue date not required unless specified.

To ensure fairness for every user, please make sure to provide accurate information, clear document photos, and a selfie video. Proper submissions will undergo review within 24 hours. In the event of any errors, manual review will be necessary, which may take 5-7 working days. We strive to maintain a community free from false information. Wishing you success in the KYC process and continued involvement in mining and sharing on Nova!

🔗 Update the latest version : (Invitation code: nova555) 🤝 Contact us at for prompt assistance.


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