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Nova App APK File Now Available!

Dear Chinese Users, we've heard you! The Nova App APK File is ready for download. Head to the official website:

Why Nova?

Nova Network is an invitation-only social media platform that rewards users for creating content, referring new users, and even voting on content quality to earn advertising revenue.

✅ Click to Earn: Begin a 24-hour earning session with just one click.

✅ Refer to Earn: Boost your earning rate by 25% for every active user in your referral team.

✅ Create to Earn: Earn tokens by getting upvotes (likes) on your content.

✅ Vote to Earn: Earn tokens by voting on content.

That's not all!

🎁 Instant KYC Unlock with 10 Consecutive Logins. Only verified individuals can earn both Nova and Novas Plus tokens!

🎁 Novas Basic Token (NBT) Listed on Uniswap. The NBT price, which started at 0.01 USDT, has surged to 0.128 USDT within 3 months.

🎁 Special VIP Membership.

This membership allows users to unlock KYC instantly and reduces the lock-up period for both NBT and Novas Plus Token from 12 months to 6 months.

🚀 Join Nova Telegram to get invitation code: 🚀


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