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Why Can't I Proceed KYC after Switching to Corporate?

Dear Nova Fam, recently, some users accidentally clicked on "Switch to Corporate," resulting in the inability to perform personal KYC. Today, I'm here to explain what "Switch to Corporate" means and what to do if you've clicked on it by mistake.

📍 What is “Switch to Corporate” ?

Switch to Corporate" is designed primarily for corporate / business accounts that want to manage their official community through a single account on Nova.

The Corporate KYC process and verification requirements are different from Personal KYC. Only users who have not yet completed Personal KYC verification are eligible to make the switch.

If you are confirming to join Nova as a business, here is the information we need from you so that we can assist you with your account conversion. Kindly provide below information :

✅ Business Name ✅ Company Address ✅ Company Contact Number ✅ Official Company Website

💬 Accidentally clicked "Switch to Corporate" ?

Please provide your login email and username with us via email at first. Nova CS Team will reach out to you as soon as possible and for a faster account conversion to a personal one, users should set aside dedicated time to collaborate online. This is essential because both the administrator and user must be online for an efficient process.

1️⃣ Nova will change your account to Corporate. 2️⃣ You will receive a message confirming the successful corporate switchover of your account. 3️⃣ Kindly restart your app to proceed with the "Switch to Personal" request in your profile. 4️⃣ Once this is completed, please inform us, and we'll assist you in returning to your personal account.

📢 Lastly, a friendly reminder to users: please refrain from applying for ”Switch to Corporate” without careful consideration, as it may temporarily hinder your ability to apply for personal KYC.


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