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NBT Price Hits New High at 0.054 USDT!

NBT price hit a new high, more than doubling to 0.054 USDT! Let's keep a close eye on NBT and look forward to the next breakthrough! 🎉

We want to remind our Nova fam to seize the opportunity to invite more friends to join Nova and accelerate your mining rate. Each referral can boost your mining rate by 25%!

We also recommend becoming a VIP member to unlock an instant KYC slot and shorten the token lockout period from 12 months to 6 months, allowing you to access your earnings faster!

👉 Check the latest price on Uniswap: 👀 Here is Contract Address: 0x627A378246354b50612e272A7Cff9bCf93f1852d


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